One devotee from Palakol talks impulsively and gets excited while talking with Amma.His talk with Amma.


The devotee: Do you perform pooja?

Amma: to get you closer to me is my pooja.The sense of belongingness with everyone and everything is my pooja.[worship of God.]

Devotee: Do you pray?

Amma: To create the bond of oneness between you and me is my prayer.

Devotee: what is the difference between dwaita and adwaita?

Amma: [Taking a flower and removing the stalk] this is dwaita- dualism. When both are together it is adwaita.

Devotee: I do not believe in personality cult. I do not consider any human being as a God.

Amma: Good! Follow sincerely whatever you believe in.

Devotee: what do you think of rebirth?

Amma: I do not think of it at all.

Devotee: You mean to say there is no rebirth?

Amma: According to me no. When we cannot divine what is right in front of us , now, at present ,why talk about rebirth? We think of rebirth as the fruit of our karmas [actions] good and evil, in this birth. But can we do something bad, against our good senses, even if there is no carrying forward of these actions into our next birth? Can you kill ten people without any feeling of guilt if I say that is not an evil karma and that has no impact on your rebirth? You can’t. You are guided by an unknown power. Why talk about rebirth?

Devotee: Do you believe that the creation will come to an end?

Amma: No, there is only transformation, no annihilation.


AMMA Tho Sambhashanalu