Here are some chapters included from Mother's biography. Effort is being made to include more in future.

(As per the Hindu tradition, a lady during her menstrual periods will not participate in Pujas, nor will she touch or mix with others. Bharati Attayya is a close relative of Amma. In Telugu language, Attayya means aunt. She was standing outside the house, as she should not touch others.)

"You should not stay in this place. This is a temple area. Go to some other nearby town". Advised the residents of that place.

There was a thunderous down pour that day. Bharati Attayya should not come into the house though she was drenched from top to toe. Even to go to some other place, there should be a respite in the rain. All have decided to go to a nearby village Pavuluru. The journey could not be started due to the downpour.

There was no option for her but to stand in the incessant rain.

Smt. Annapurna, Mother of Bharati Attayya was in grief. "What a nuisance", she was shedding tears.

"Why do you cry, aunty? Ask Bharati attayya to come and sit inside the house. If her menstrual periods can defile the purity of God, why should we circumambulate and pray to that God? Let Attayya come inside and sit, nothing will happen".

"What a foolish advice" for Smt. Annapurna, who was brought up the traditional way, Mother's advice was not only an intolerable departure from respectable traditions, it was pure blasphemy.

"I will finish cooking and join you. Pack up everything and get going to Pavuluru. Sri Ramacharyulu will help you there." Said the cook, Raghavaiah garu*. "We don't want any help from Ramacharyulu, mother immediately intervened.

"Mother, I am cooking only enough quantity for us. You are taking only one plate of rice from me. How are you able to feed so many people?"

On the previous day, number of villagers came to Amma's house, stating that she was feeding them.

No one knew how it was possible. The quantity of food given to Amma from home would hardly suffice one person. How is she able to feed so many?)

"I am going to everybody's house and picking up a little food from everyone."

Raghavaiah garu was not convinced. "People come here from far off places to offer worship to the God. They bring provisions from their places. They do not give food even to the servant maids, If they are that pleased, they would offer a little more money. Who is giving you platefuls of rice, the moment you ask for it?"

"Probably, on seeing me, they feel like giving"

Raghavaiah garu was not convinced, "Let us go and see who is giving you food like this,"

Mother pretended irritation. "You have become like a millstone round my neck."

"Mother, am I like a millstone to you"?

In the meanwhile, Smt. Annapurna finished packing. All of them went by walk and reached Pavuluru.

As they're entering the village, Sri Ramacharyulu met them and said, "There is one Kavi Desaiah here. He belongs to your sect. He has a big house, but no children."

Mother said, "What is there in the sect? If he is helpful, that is enough."

They were taken to Kavi Desaiah's house and introduced to him. He was very happy to see Mother.

He called out to his wife "Did you look at this girl? Is She not one hundred percent like the deity Bala Tripura Sundari?"

His wife immediately came out of the house and looked at Amma. She was overjoyed and was highly affectionate. "Yes, one hundred percent like the Goddess." She confirmed.

In the meanwhile, Raghavaiah garu joined them, "I have brought all the provisions. Show me the place and I will cook for everyone."

"Food is ready. Please have your meal. You can cook for all of us in the night."

"In that case, I will inform my mother and come back." Raghavaiah garu was about to go.

"Don't go, I will inform her and come." Desaiah garu set out. He then added,

"We are all relatives. I know Chidambara Rao garu very well. You came here due to this difficulty, I am so glad you came. For Smt. Bharati a separate room is available. Let her have food first. Whatever be the matter," he said, pointing out to Amma, "This girl's coming here makes us so happy. This is the best satisfaction in our life. My wife performs pujas during Shravana masa (corresponding with the English month, August), she decorates Divine Mother like a live being. I feel, today, that Mother Herself came down to our home. Probably your daughter got the disease only for this purpose, that disease has brought you here.

From today, we don't feel, we have no children. We would like to adopt this girl. Give her in adoption."

Annapurnamma garu said, "Who am I to say anything? Ask her father."

Though the visitors initially planned to stay only for 3 days in Sri Desaiah's house, they stayed for 10 days. Each day was like a festive day. On the day of departure, Sri Desaiah garu's family presented new clothes to everyone. However, Smt. Annapurna was very sorrowful, as Bharati Attayya was more sick than normal. "I pray to so many Gods, nothing seems to be yielding any results." she was crestfallen.

Mother, full of compassion, said, "Will you do as I say? Pinni (mother's sister, Smt. Bharathi) will get cured. Pray to God that if she is cured, you would feed 1000 people and break 100 coconuts. Pinni would be OK."

"You pray to God like that. They say the words of small children are as efficacious as the words of Brahma. If she is rid of the disease, I will do as you said,"

Raghavaiah garu was smiling, "But you did not say to which God she should offer this"

"I said God, I do not know that there are so many Gods, There is some power beyond you and me, to that supernatural power to pay obeisance".

Annapurnamma garu agreed to this. From that day, as long as they were there, Bharati was in fine health and there was no stroke.

The day they wanted to return to the temple Sri Desaiah arranged a bullock cart to facilitate their journey.

One day Sri Ramacharyulu explained in great detail about the glory of the God Sri Anjaneya. He also narrated the experiences of so many visiting pilgrims. By circumambulating in the temple, so many people benefited. Everyone advised Mother also to do so. Mother agreed.

As a part of the programme, she asked Raghavaiah for some dall and prasad. "Mother, after we returned from Pavuluru people here are very angry with me."

"Why", asked Amma " For one thing, everyone there was very affectionate to you. For another, they have developed a suspicion that I am giving lot of food to you to enable you to distribute it to others. They are angry with you also."

"Why angry with me", Mother asked.

"Because everyone at Pavuluru was very affectionate towards you."

"Why do you tell me all these things? Shall I go or will you give me some eatables to take?"

Sri Raghavaiah has given Amma some jaggery and dall. "They are sleeping. You go from behind."

Mother was going out. Bharati Attayya got up, came in front of Mother and demanded, "What are you carrying with you?". Mother has shown what was in her hands. Bharati Attayya was livid with rage, and snatched what was in Mother's hands, and threw the food items all over the place Raghavaiah garu was thoroughly upset. He pleaded, "It was not Amma's fault, it was mine, don't trouble Her."

Mother was not put off, nor discouraged by the incident. Nor did she give up Her idea of visiting temple and offering circumambulations to the God. But what offering could She carry? Whom could she ask for anything and who would give? She nevertheless walked on, and right in front of Her, she saw an agricultural land full of groundnut crop, just ripe for plucking. Mother stopped and plucked some groundnuts from the land.

From a distance, the farmer shouted, "Who is that? "Mother heard his voice. She neither thought Her action was wrong, nor did she stop picking the nuts. From a distance, the farmer threw a stick at Her, which fell at a short distance from Amma. The farmer came running and stood in front of Her. Mother suddenly plucked a small plant and the whole plant came into Her hands, roots and all. Mother looked up and the farmer was intently and reverentially gazing at Her. Suddenly, the farmer was frightened; He felt instinctively that the Goddess of the farmlands (Vana Devatha) has come in the form of Amma. What a sin he committed? If only the stick hit Amma, what would have happened to his fate? Mother threw all the groundnuts on the floor and picked up some soil from the ground. The soil was rich and fertile black cotton soil. Mother starting walking towards the temple. "Today, everyone wants to hit me with something or the other," She thought. The farmer came running behind Her, "Mother please take these nuts. Please throw away the soil". The farmer is now pleading Her to take the groundnuts.

"No, no, I don't want it. I will carry soil to the Lord. If I offer him the soil from this land it is as good as offering all the crops grown here." "Oh, were you taking the groundnuts to the Lord? Please take them, you should not offer mud to Lord Hanuman," the farmer pleaded. "Why should we not offer? If I take mud, no one objects to it. This mud l can freely carry and offer to Lord. I will carry mud, I do not want the groundnuts. Mother carried on, with the farmer trailing behind her to the temple.

There stood Amma, the embodiment of Primordial energy, and the Mother of the Universe, in the form of a small and frail child, Mud in Her hands, and offering circumambulations to the Lord. After the worship, Amma offered Prasadam** to every one. The moment Amma said Prasadam**, everyone extended his hands, expecting some eatables to be given. On seeing the mud, they were upset and angry. "Are you mad," so questioning, they wanted to throw away the mud in their hands. But the welcoming fragrance coming from the mud in their hands confused them. The Prasadam was looking like undiluted mud but the fragrance coming from it is most welcome and looks like some most agreeable food item. Though very much confused, they were unable to suppress their curiosity, and put the substance in their mouth, to find that that was the most tasty Prasadam, they ever tasted in their lives.

One person by name Konda Reddy was surprised at the incident, "Mother, wherefrom you brought this mud?" He asked Amma. "From the place where it was lying," replied Amma.

On reaching home Raghavaiah garu asked Amma, "Mother what is all this? Why did you offer mud?"

"Why not", countered Amma? Whatever we possess, we offer to God, God never said, I accept only eatables, not mud. Whatever you have, offer it with reverence to Lord and that is an offering acceptable to Him. I could get only mud, I offered it". She concluded. People came home and explained the miraculous event to Bharati Attayya and Annapurnamma garu, who were not impressed, probably out of jealousy. "What is there in it, Probably, she picked up the mud and smeared some scent and jaggery to it, that is why it is so tasty" No, no said the visitors. She picked up the soil in our presence, offered it to the Lord and distributed as prasadam." Some said, Amma was above the rest, People at home are not able to appreciate Her", so saying the visitors left.

Raghavaiah garu could not comprehend what was happening and asked Amma, "Mother what is all this criticism? Why did you offer that soil to the Lord and distribute as Prasadam? What is all this criticism we are hearing at home"?

"What restrictions are there in making a humble offering to God? Whatever we chance to possess, we offer it to the God. God never said I would accept only fruit and nothing else. He never said, I would accept gold, I don't want sand. Offer Him what you possess with love and reverence and he accepts it. At that time, I had nothing with me except the soil picked up from the agricultural land. I offered the same thing to God. Whatever offering we made, it becomes a Prasadam, that is all I know. Wherefrom these smells had come and what is the taste of the Prasadam I distributed, I do not know. Again, if you ask me about the criticism at home, it is evident, those who have experienced are explaining. A man who has undergone the experience, does not criticize; But when the experience is explained to someone else, he may or may not believe. The man who has seen for himself is enjoying the bliss of experience and one who heard is unable to believe."

At that moment, in Mother's form and voice, Raghavaiah garu could see not a small child, but someone who was an epitome of wisdom and an embodiment of experience. He could not fathom what it was but knew instinctively, it was something beyond the ordinary.


  • * Term of respect that is added to the name
  • ** Any food item offered to a God, is distributed amongst the devotees as Prasadam