Oh, sweet stirrings of agony!  At this hour I can you sweet-nay at this movement. For you have, for the little while, stilled your stirring of frustration and unutterable longing. You have stilled for this movement, and, in my human weakness, I am glad.  I am so glad that I lift my mind in praise of Him.  Indeed, I can lift my mind for He lifts my spirit, Upon gentle waves and washes of joy, He lifts it.


Share with me this gladness, all creatures of `Manifestation! Share with me now-for this moment shall too soon slip again into the sinking, airless pit of longing; into the pit of emptiness that seems void of even His hallowed Whisper.


Weep with me, all creatures! Weep that I cannot yet find Him even in the stark, stringent emptiness. Weep that I yet move out of the Light that he has graced me see, The Joy that He has graced me know, the Sweet that he has graced me taste.


Pray with me so that soon-oh, pray soon! I shall find him equally in the hot blood of slaughter and the chilled peace of mountain stream; equally in the moan if old man dying and the shriek of babe new born; equally in the waste of mind run rampant and the trill of seeking soul; equally in the dark and evil funnels and in the open kiss of light.


Pray with me that all of us will soon have hearts to find Him everywhere. For, not one drop of blood or dew spills outside of Him: no cry In birth or death is beyond His ear: no soul in sin or seeking out-lies his reach so long as there in individuality, one is the enjoyer and the doer. But if it is lost (in Him) the divine will prevails and  guides the course of events.


Marva L Hemphill
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.04 | August | No.06