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Every move initiated by Mother, however simple it may look, carries with it a gracious love for Her children and their well-being.  Those who listen to those words may or may not heed to them, with each man trying to improvise ideas which are his own brain-child. But very soon, he would realise how easily he could have attained the objective, had he happened to heed to Mother's advice.


The constant attempt of Mother to conceal her own divinity is well known to one and all. Whatever Mother does, however grandiose the scheme, however difficult it is for ordinary mortals to perform the same, however deep its implications, must look humanly possible and should not appear like a miracle. Mother controls nature, dictates the weather conditions, makes or stops rain at her pleasure, and these are child’s play for her. But if you counter her with the question as to how she could do it If she were not divine, she would simply laugh it away, or explain it only as a coincidence. A number of people with unsolved problems nagging them for decades would come to Mother and with her Prasadam. Which is a packet of Kumkum, or because of Her mere Darshan, find relief from their problems, and when these devotees come back to Mother to express their sense of Gratitude to her to her kindness, Mother would explain it as the influence of Time. She would simply say, the time has come for it and it happened, there is no intervention of mine In the matter.


Way back in 1981, one of Mother's devotees was performing his daughter’s marriage at Jillellamuadi and fixed the Muhurtham for November 1981, disregarding Mothers own caution that weather may not be congenial as it rains heavily during November, in and around Jillellamudi and many times transport from other parts would be cut off.


The Devotee with unflinching faith in Mothers Divinity and kindness simply went ahead and Fixed the Muhurtham for 4th November. It rained heavily and cyclonic warnings were given frequently by the AIR. One of the bridge leading to jillellamuadi collapsed, cutting off communication from one part. The other bridge was reported by the newspapers to be in a very dangerous condition and if this bridge also collapsed, there was just no way to approach jillellamuadi. The rain was pouring down in torrents and there was no letup even for a short span of time. The anxiety of people mounted with each passing hour, how can the marriage can take place, if the Bridegroom patty does not arrive? How are the arrangements to be made with such a torrential rain mercilessly beating down? Is mother going to put Her devotee to cruel fate, cancelling the announced marriage?


In Jillellamuadi you don’t find the difference of my work and your work and all residents, inmates, and visitors truly feel like members of one Large family. In fact, people who frequent Jillellamudi honestly enjoy better rapport with other devotees whom they consider their true relations, than with their own blood relations. One devotee’s success is shared by all with joy, any suffering person lines the entire family of visitors sharing his sorrow.  The anxiety and tension caused by the likely flood gripped the Bride’s father as much as the Organizers at Jillellamuadi. The whole campus had an atmosphere that was confused and uncertain, unenthusiastic and sorrowful.


People started trooping into mothers room, praying and pleading. One after the other, appealing to Mother to stop the rain forthwith. It continued for a few hours and Mother listened with an attentive smile, not dropping any hints at all about Her own plans. The Bird’s father and the Resident Secretary of the Parishat were just short of tears.


Mother slowly got up from her Cot and we felt at last things are moving.  She walked on to the terrace and taking, the hand of D., the Bridegroom, who was curiously looking on the whole scene, began pacing the terrace, looking at the sky once in a while  Mothers light conversation temporarily diverted everyone around and no one really observed about the weather for the next few minutes. Suddenly, Mother said “Are there stars above?" and everyone realized almost with a jolt that it stopped raining, and no one noticed it. Slowly the stars appeared, one after the other, and the atmosphere was suddenly one of exhilaration and joy. The marriage, later on performed by Mother Herself, was perhaps one performed with greatest splendorous, yet seen by us.


With such vast powers and Absolute control over ever thing, who does jillellamuadi find itself in an exercise raising now, In connection with Shashthipoorti of Amma? Why do we have to go out and ask people for money, people who have not come lo Jillellamudi, those who have not come to Mother, those who look askance at our purpose and motive, those who cannot distinguish between a real charitable Organization and money making shops, those who blame and accuse, insult and doubt? Where is the need for all this?


A swift glance at the lives of the devotees of Amma will provide the curious answer.  You find hare people with very small and meager incomes, who came and surrendered to Mother, offering a humble contribution from their modest means, people drawing petty salaries who gave their entire inherited jewelry to Mother, unable to control their love and in a sense of unconditional surrender to Her. If you look at their lives, you find them to be one of the richest people in their circles now, still yearning to Mother, still yearning to serve Mother, but rich and better off. People donated the rice grown in their fields for Annapurnalayam, keeping the bare minimum for themselves and their yield doubled the next year.  Devotes dedicated themselves to mother’s service, ignoring their own personal problems and difficulties and the problems solved belter than wished for. Anyone who came and touched the Lotus feet of Mother risked his everything for Mother's service, found himself basking in Mother's unbounded Love. A contribution given in the service of Mother is a privilege and an opportunity. Let it be shared by one and all, whether the donor realises the uniqueness of the opportunity or not.


This does not mean a donor can have a quid pro quo equation with the Divine Mother and buy favours from God. What counts is not the quantum of donation, but the sense of participation. As Lord Krishna declared, offer me what you have, a fruit if nomore, a flower if you are worse off, a leaf if you cannot afford anything higher, or even a drop of water, if nothing else. What counts is the devotees yearning to offer himself to Divinity and not the quantum of wealth he can give. We find Mother foundly recalling how a servant maid donated Rs. 0-10 paise for Mother’s Diamond Jubilee.  When our volunteers approached I house owner for funds, it appears, the servant maid were listening and after the volunteers set out to go, she called them back and donated Rs. 0-10 paisa from out of the 20 or 25 she had with her .The desire of the servant maid to serve is most touching and Mother finds this love binding and supremely moving. Mother many times declared, go to the poor, the small income owners, let them give just one rupee, their herd earned income is more dear to me than one or two thousands a millionaire or lakhier gives,  It is not the very rich you should run after, but the poor and ordinary people. They are more close to me.


Lord Krishna, who received 3 handfuls of broken rice from his childhood friend Kuchele, gave him undreamt of riches.  Sankaracharya has accented a small fruit from a house wife who felt extremely shy to give the revered saint such a small offering and gave her in return golden fruits and made her one of the richest women. They all first accepted a small token offering and doled out disproportionate favours. For the pure and the divine the small taken offering given with the yearning hear t is more dearer than huge wealth. Perhaps, that is why Mother advises Her children to go to the poor and low income groups.


The special favour for the donor is the Calendar of Mother and the Prasadam, The presence of mother’s Prasadam in any house is Undoubtedly the supreme protection or the household. A repeated Darshan of Mother through had calendar fills the viewer with a strange peace and happiness. Mother gracious presence would spread to all households and open thorn up to receive the boundless blessings of Mother.


Why should any funds be collected for Mother's Shashthipoorti? Visitors to Jillellamuadi are fully aware of the fact that just nothing is needed by Mother and no money will be spent for her. Any funds collected would go for the social service activities that are being rendered from Jillellamuadi Free feeding to the pilgrims, the needy and the poor, free medical aid to one and all and free education through the educational institutions. In fact mother clearly defined Divinity as the perfection of Humanism -a sympathetic vibration to the sulfuring.  Attains the state of liberation is to gain the ability to perceive everyone and every being with as much love as we would feel to our own children. If the Shasthipoorti of Mother can be the starting point for giving a new impetus to the highest order of service that is being rendered from jillellamuadi, why not?


The funds can also be used for constructing better dwelling places so that more number of devotees can come and sea Mother and stay for few more days. A repeated visit to Mother cultivates in the seeker a yearning for other's welfare and well-being, brings about in him the gradual mental change which is the ideal of all spiritual practices.  A more number of visitors to Jillellamuadi would mean a larger number of people in the society who have no personal angularities, no unrighteous self-interest different from the common good of the people, and people who feel sympathetic to the poor the needy and the suffering. You can never find a devotee of Amma, ignoring another hungry man! There is no devotee of Mother who serves himself at others' cost. By creating better residential accommodation or other educational and other constructions at Jillellamudi we are creating instruments through which the society can be changed into a wholesome and healthy society. If 2 out of 1000 people practicing transcendental meditation can reduce crime rate  the society, one out of a billion citizens, by visiting Mother touching Her lotus feet eating in Annapurnalayam, and cultivating an infinitesimally small part of Mothers nature can change the entire complexion of the society and the nation. Le: more people come to Jillellamudi and convert themselves into better citizens by the subtle but inviolable influence of Mother.


We have not lived perhaps when Rama and Krishna aired. We are not fortunate enough to remember to have seen then in human forms.  But we are today living in the today when the Adi Sakthi came down in human form,  made herself accessible to the very common and spiritual nonstarters like us, when we can experience the Supreme energy and bliss of the Divine Mother.  Now, here is an opportunity for us to participate in the various schemes and programs at mother presence, an opportunity which comes perhaps in a million years or more. Let us make use of this and not let it Skip.


So much for the donor. But Mothers Grace does not end there. For each of the participants the collections drive, this campaign itself is a spiritual practice Mother stated that the ideals of truth are to be learnt from the day to day experiences in our living. Attaining the perfect equilibrium and equanimity of mind is an accepted spiritual ideal and it is everyone’s ambition to acquire that state in which mind can accept any given situation with equanimity. This was in fact the essence of Sthitha Prajna state described by Lord Krishna. Responding equally to praise or abuse failure or successes undoubtedly quality which can keep anyone happy and undisturbed.  By approaching each and every house holder for some donation, we find ourselves in situations in which we are abused or being a part of the Samastha, we find ourselves described facing the most provocative situations in which it is impossible not to react passionately. The volunteer who goes out from jillellamuadi remembers that his job is to explain about Mother and his own mission and to face these trying situations with equanimity and courage.


Many volunteers going round have later on confided that people who are usually shy of meeting others are now rid of their absurd shyness, devotees who are short tempered and impatient, find in themselves much more tolerance and forbearance, devotees who stand on a false sense of prestiges now find pleasure in meeting one and all, all and sundry. As if by a design, each of the volunteers finds himself in a situation in which he ought to get rid of his own mental deficiencies to achieve a success for his mission. Undoubtedly, Mother has drawn up a program to cure us of our mental ills, to enable us to enjoy uninterrupted peace and happiness by cultivating all the log ty ideals earlier enunciated by all of the religions. But beautifully, the mode selected or achieving this ideal which can change the ace of the whole world into something infinitely better is so simple, so direct, it can stem only tram the most ingenious. Every act or wish of Mother is for the betterment of all, for the whole world.

Dharmasuri Varanasi
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.17 | February 1983 | No.11