The last illness of Hyma, her merging into the Eternal on 5th of April 68 and the grand performance of the last rites of retina her in Samadhi on 6th by mother have been vividly described in this article which is based on an article in the ‘Matrusri may 1968 (telugu).


“I GAVE birth to her. I reared her and I willed her dearth. In this nobody is responsible for anything. As I wanted it and as I had a necessity for it, I have done all this myself ” said Mother referring to the premature demise of her daughter Hyma. Yes. She could say that as She is the Creator. Even though Hyma passed away at the tender age of twenty five, the episode has become one of the wonderful examples showing the Omnipotence of Mother.


In giving birth to Hyma, Mother endowed her with tenderness of body and mind which was her striking characteristic through out her life. Hence it must be said that Hyma suffered much in her short span of life. She had ill health right from her birth and no medicine could alleviate her pain for considerable time. Even nature-cure that appeared suitable to her did not last long. Some obstruction or other hindered the progress and her suffering remained the same. As her mind was sensitive even to the slightest. suffering of others, she felt she could not get the thing she has aspired for so long. Gradually this feeling blossomed into an ardent desire to pass away at the holy feet of Mother. The delicate and fragrant (lower desired to drop at Her holy feet and it actually happened on 5th of April '68, The desire of that delicate mind was so strung and the passion was so intense that Mother fulfilled her worthy desire and made the flower ever fresh and fragrant, wafting refreshing scent to all those that would come to Jillellamudi. To-day Hyma has been recognized as a great soul.


On 28th March '68 Hyma returned to Jillellamudi from Aurangabad and even while looking at her, Mother expressed dissatisfation at, the health of Hynm, who had lately suffered from small pox. Mother said that Hyma did not get the temperature usual for that disease, and she did not have the usual appetite that should be found after the cure. When mother found many people happy to see Hyma relived of pain ,she said:


You are happy that Hyma has been cured of the disease very soon. But that is not the usual course of that disease. It is not good characteristic and I am doubtful.. Accordingly, Hyma suffered on the next day from head-ache and pain at the Girdle. Even thought she seemed a little better for two days, On 1st April , at 10 a.m, she had unusual shooting pain in the Spinal cord and pain and burning sensation all over the body . Then She began to appear as a fading flower as the suffering was intolerable And she began to reduce . The same suffering continued till 10th of april with some other pains now and then.For an hour or two she seemed better in response to the medicines used. But there was no continuous progress in her condition even with the best medical attention given to her at jillellamudi itself by a few eminent doctors. Dr.N.Sreedhara Rao (chirala) in particular, stayed there for those four days with his staff and gave her personally the needed medicines and injection. But it was all in vain.


The night of april 4th was a dreadful night, the agony was So intense that it did not allow her either to stand or sit or lie down. All the time she was wailing with “Mother o! Mother” on her Lips, she said.


“I fell this body in not mine, Mother. ”


Then she tried to shift in the chair or lie down on the cot. But As that was not possible for her ,she widened her wide eyes and started at one and all while feeling breathless. While all round looked at her pathetically as silent helpless spectators ,she entreated mother thought her eyes to grant her death which would Put an end to her suffering.


But time marches on, waiting for none. Early in the morning On 5th the bell was rung for Suprabhataseva of Mother. All others were a little hopeful of the recovery ,but Hyma began To wonder how long she had to suffer more. In fact, as she Was coming for bath on 1st April, she had shooting pain in The spine and could not withstand it. From that time onwards She had been asking for cold water bath, however much she suffered. But as her condition would not allow a bath, it was not given. They Used to change her dress after cleaning her with a piece of cloth Dipped in hot water. On 5th afternoon, her body was cleaned With vibhuti (sacred ash). Dr Padhakrishna Murthy was also brought Doctors decided to shift her to the General Hospital Guntur. All Of them were ready for the journey , except the allKnowing Mother, She said.


“I don’t like to shift her from the house .It will happen to her as ordained. She won’t die due to lack of medical facilities . She would live if it is so ordained . What can anybody do to her By taking her there in the last moment of her life? I don’t suffer on This account .She will live or die as ordained . I don’t suffer on this account. She lives (only) for few hours ;the journey to Guntur Will only worsen her suffering.”


In her firm and unambiguous words, everybody could see what Was to happen . But when was a ray of hope of fruitful Result for the human effort how could they sit still ,leaving it To dait? Hence the doctors and all others including her father were All rady to start. Mr Ravi and Mr. Subbaro(Her sons) insisted on Mother’s coming to Guntur.


In the beginning ,Hyma wanted Mother to accompany her to Guntur ,But she could visualize that people would through around Her, in case She would start , and as such Hyma agreed to start even Without Mother. But Ravi insisted on Mother’s coming to Guntur and the same wish was expressed by his father also.


Mother said: ”I don’t like it at all. It is not useful. As You want me to accompany you, I am coming .Let us go” With These words she got into the car. Sri Ramakerishna brought Hyma Into the car . Even at that time. She asked for a bath with cold Village was there, and Hyma looked at them and the sacred place of Mother once.


Some coconuts and incense were offered before the two cars Left for Guntur at 2 p.m As mother had already said ,the journey Had only worsened Hyma condition .Onthe way when she found a long row of shady tress, Hyma asked to be placed on the ground.As they crossed ponnur, she said she could not see anything there including mother , who was sitting by her side. Mother, removed the jewel on her nose and asked whether she could see her From that time onwards, Hyma was able to see only mother and recognized others only by there tone. Hyma was given some drinking water. Sri Ramakrishna came forward to take Hyma into the hospital. But looking at him, Mother said that all was over and they would go back to Jillellamudi. But soon Hyma was admitted into emergency ward and given oxgen.In the meanwhile Dr.Jyothsna come there and rushed for a bottle of blood for transfusion.Before she came back .Hyma breathed her last.Even in the last moments,when her nanagaru asked Hyma how she was ,Hyma said:


“Let us go home ”I want cold water” Instantly she developed hiccups and shouted , ”I am coming ,Mother….”With this holy word on her lips,the spark of her life has faded.


It was 4-30pm,when they back home with the body Of Hyma,the sun had sank. The sad news had electrified the Whole village and the young and old stood in long rows with tears Rooling down the cheeks profusely. The body of Hyma was kept On the verandah of Mother’s residence and the whole place was filled with the piercing cries of the assembled people. Unable to Put up with the most unexpected shock.some of them rolled on the ground.Some others were struck with wonder and gazed the Body in tragie silence.


The spacious pandals that were put up for Mother’s birthday celebrations, the innumerable lights that were arranged for the occasion and the decorated dias itself, had lost their splendour. lt appeared that Jillellamudi was caught in the tragic' storm on the high waves of the ocean of sadness. The place that healed the sick and delighted many a desperate heart was all gloomy. The tender girl Hyma that could not see anybody suffer even a little on any account was now dumb, silent and indifferent to the inconsolable grief of the multitude.


Mother did not get up till 3-30 p. m. on the next day. Even though She uttered Hyma once or twise. In the meanwhile, relatives, friends and frequent vistors to that place had poured in Many others were already there as they came to celebrate Sri Rama Navami festival in Mother’s presence .Indeed, it was a vast sea of Humanity that paid their tributes to the tender-hearted Hyma who Made kind enquires of their welfare earlier.


lt was the morning oi 6th April. Father wanted to arrange cremation for Hyma. but, Mother did not give her consent. She said :


“where did she go? I will bury her here. That. would satisfy one and all inlcluldig Myself. At last. he had accepted it.


Opposite to Mother residence and by the side of the temple Presently under construction, a six foot foundation had been dug out For the Shrine of Hyma. In the middle of that, a room was made with four Cuddapah slabs and it was filled in with sand. That was covered with deer- skin and weeping called it Brahma Grandi. As Mother looked tiled after weeping for Her deceased daughter, the people began to weep fer Her condition. Some other asked Her. why it had happened so in Her very presence. 'then She said: ` Nothing! I wanted it this way und got it done, In this. nobody is responsible anything. I prepared the dagger and with the same dagger I stabbed Myself. Nobuddy as any share in this. Behind all the eqnauimity. One could clearly see Mother as a common bereaved mother that would express her affliction.


When Mother was told that everything was kept really, She came out at 6pm All people began to stare at Her as She came out as the Goddess of sorrow. With bedewed eyes. Mother looked at one and all. Then she went near Hyma and removed the piece of cloth that was tied to her feet. Then She" put vermilion on her face camphor powder on her hair after growing round her, broke the coconut . While breaking the coconut the head piece cut her right hand finger and the blood came out.she put the blood on the face of hyma and asked Ramakrishna to place the body in the they tried to place accordingly ,many coconuts were broken on the verandah .then mother herself gave ceremonial oil bath to the body of hyma .using the soap she daily used .Mother bathed the body of Hyma with the same water she used earlier,as it was the wish of hyma. While Srisukatham was being recited ,Mother father and all Those that were present offered Abhishekam with the cow milk .Later, Abhishekam was done with panchamratam. Mother gave her again A bath with sacred ganga water and scented water. when hot Water bath was given .Mother anxiously said,” let it not be too Hot ,lest it should cause her suffocation”. Bring in some cold water .


When Mother said so,people thought that she said it due to Her Affection from Hyma, NoBody knew there was some activity in Hyma. By nature Hyma body was tender ,but on 5th evening it was not so. It was stiff and heavy, But when mother began to install her ceremoniously in her shrine,there was tenderness and warmth in that body .It was so flexible that it needed four persons to keep it in proper posture. even at this time of Abhishekam, it never appeared as Abhishekam for a dead body. It Was more like a giving birth to a tender girl.It was 7pm And mother asked them to hasten it.


Mrs.Rukminamma and Mrs Krishnavenamma changed the dress of Hyma.They dressed her in Beautiful silken cloth with broad silver jari at the edges.As they tried to place an upper garment, Mother asked them to put Her own saree which She used while going to Guntur. As they tried to do so.Mother stopped them and brought a red silken cloth which was given her at that time by somebody. She would it on the head and covered it with the golden coloured saree. Then She placed garland round her neck. She placed flowers in her hair and smerared kohl around her eyes. She kept vermilion mark of marriage in between her brows. As Hyma bangles did nut suit her hands at that time. Mother offered her own bangles and placed a golden necklace the ring that was offered by seshu was kept on the fingures of her foot and then stretched out legs were brought into the posture of Padmasanam.


All this decoration was over by 7-30 pm.Hyma appeared to be a Yogini in penance .The five persons brought her and placed her in the same posture facing East in the Brahmagrandhri. Then Padmasanam was changed to siddhasanam. Mother got into a pit and offered coconut ,turmeric powder,kumkum and flowers.There was tremendous change from the moment onword in the whole atmosphere. There was was something special in Mother’s Shape ,speech, Laughter and deed .All that sublime programmer was done with a smile on her face. At that time ,Mother decided early who she observed it. They had an inexplicable experience That transcended both of then from two hours .The trace of gloom were no more visible on any face.


After offering coconuts .Mother sat on a corner of that Grandhi and kept her right foot on the head of Hyma.She placed Yagnopaveethan ( sacred sacrificial thread) between her foot and the head of Hyma. She said sri Dattatreya Sarma Smilingly: She looked at them them and comforted them saying:


"What does it mateer even if she does was not live for four (somo) more days? What more is needed ' No body should feel sorry for it. I have done it knowingly and deliberately. Where did she go! She hasn’t gone any where she is here.


Then sri Dattu said:”Hyma is getting back the warmth!”


Yes-We have been pouring cold water for a long time.” But mother ‘s foot that was on the head of hyma was very warm. Similarly ,the head of hyma also was quit warm.


When Dr.Potluri subbo Rao was taking a photo of the scene ,Mothers Said: “Shall I also get down (into the Grandhi?)” She smiled and said again


How can I get in ?Haven’t I got some more things to do ? I won’t stay on here .My first has entered then she looked at the girl savitri and ramana and asked them to recite sri Skutham .While they were reciting it,she also recited it in such a low voice that none could hear Her .Later she said to Dattatreya sharma:


I and she will be hear. You leave us “Accordingly he left them”. She gave all of hem turmeric powder,kukkam and flowers Asking them to offer them to Hyma. Later she filled it with Vibhuti and salt in alternative layers. While doing so she said:


Then Sri Achyutuni Subba Raw asked Her whether it wall Sujiavasamadhi (Samadhi given even during one's life time ) and Mother’s did not reply.


As it was filled to half, Mother placed Her golden bangles in it. Sum devotee that hurl brought some offerings to Mother placed them in it. Sri Ramakrishna brought the pillow used By Hyma during those four days. One was placed behind the bark and another in front of the body. As Sri Subba Rao began to use the fan. Mother took it up saying “I have done it (fanning) Myrself for these four days.


When the tender body, of Hyma was covred up to the head, Mother lifted Her that and got into the pit. She sat on the head of Hyma for an while and covered it with Her garmet. She got up rubbing with Her finger on the middle portion Of the head of hyma.


Mother sat again and reminded Sri Achyntuni subba Rao of an occasion when She worshipped Hyma during one of his visits to Her Sri Subba Rao recollected a long forgoten think. with tears in his eyes.


some more devotees offered certain things to Mothers at that time. Mother place them along in the Grandhi,Later turning to Sri Bharadwaj and sri Seshu and looking at all of them. She said:


Hyma has shown us the way. Even though one reads Sastras and Purans one cant get rid of the fear of death. But she haunt got any such fear. With ease, she cried, °Mother, l am coming. Taking Hyma as our guide, recite namam continuously. This will become a shrine and a shelter for those who perform penance.'


She is (now sitting) in the sent from which she came out. She went to the place from which she came. (If you ask me whether) I am suffering and weepings. (l say) I am weeping I am suffering. As l cover myself when it is cold and fan myself when it is hot, Sorrow is comming and I am weeping. I am not trying to stop my weeping. My duty is to do what should be done at a particular time.


If Mother is doing (all this) smilingly. it doesn’t mean there is no sorrow. Sorrow doesn't mean tears. Because I am with a body, because I am in with flesh and blood l am experience with cold and heat .As I am in your midst these are inevitable I wanted to say Hence I am saying. Otherwise all these do not exist .I don’t think you are not myself .I have come like this because I wanted all these and wanted to stay like this. A little while ago before coming out ,there was sorrow. So I wept .Now I don’t have it .When I came out after my bath thinking that this is my duty sorrow wouldn’t come.


This is the day when I first, came to Jillellamudi. It. was 6th April 1941 .........Subba Rao was a boy of six months. I came with him to this village. Now Hyma is 25 years old. When the question of marrage came up. L said that it would be considered after her 25th year. In a short while, i performed the thread marriage. What does it matter? A little while ago, you thought that the warmth came hack (to the dead body)... ..Now something else will come. In fact, she was to pass away on l st itself. To avoid dissatisfaction, she has sickness and doctors for these four days. All this she has done for our satisfaction before passing away."


Then Mother asked Rainakrishim to get Her some fresh water.After drinking that. She sat there for a while, closing Her eye lids. Again She said, while opening Her eyes, If I sit for a while closing my eyes, people will say I am transmitning power." Dr. Potluri Subba Rao smilingly said: That is what I am going to say!"


Then Mother got up, offered a coconut and poured that water on the head of Hyma. She also placed some Vibhuti on the head and kept then- a glass upside down. At the same time lights went off and after five minutes, power supply was there. Immediately after that, Mother showed the How of blood on the head of Hyma to Ramakriahna, Bhuradwaj, sister Rukminamma and others.


Afterwards, Mother covered the Grandhi with the white silk saree that had been used by Her as a bed-sheet, for covering, for a few days, She said: Doctorji, my work is over."


Then she called our father and both of them offered the burning camphor to Hyma.


Mother called near Her the blind persons Sri radha and Sri Raghaviah and made them touch the place where Hyma was seated and made them put some salt in it. Then She called Sri Adipudi Narasimha and asked him to continue the things for which he came to the village i.e do Namajapa.She said them to begin Akhandanaman the endless recital of her namam.She asked others to offer some salt and vibhuti and put it there .Mother went in at 8-55pm


This is not only the last, sad phase of Hyma’s short but purposeful and devoted life ,but also a strong foundation for the only shirne of Hyma ceremoniously laid by holy Mother.



Translated by Vasudevachary
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.3 | June-68, | No.3