Distance has some advantages. I can have AMMA's name, presence, help and power all the twenty four hours- as Swami Ramdas once wrote-Why desire God's form when you can have Gods name always with you and in you? God's name can be always in your being but . It is hard to keen God's form before one's eyes or mind. In reality both are one and the same-the Eternal and his Leela.


As someone said, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". This is true many times especially when one realises and knows who one is and what name is. Verily, in Reality, all forms and names are His or AMMA's-- of the all- pervading One, the all -penetrating Spirit. 


Then again, did not Anasuya Devi once-say that it is enough if the is centred on her, and it matters little where the lady is? Truly, in spirit we are one eternally never separate nor different. Name is all- powerful. Glory and honour and praise be forever unto that wonderful name. All majesty and power be unto It eternally


Her name never leaves, fails, nor forsakes us. Mother’s body may leave us, but her name and- power are unlimited.


Frames (bodies) change mare easily than names, Names (usually) last, longer than frames.


Better it in to be attached to her name than her physical frame. For, her name never falls- the burly may, though, AMMAs presence, power, wisdom and help is in her all-powerful name.


The Eternal One is in and beyond names and forms;

The One is Eternal and is in and beyond all names and forms;

The Eternal Name is infinite and all-powerful, in and beyond all things;

The Eternal Name, the Infinite one AMMA and creation are one;

Yea, all things are one from time to space;

All, all are one;

All, all are name.

C G Westurlund
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.4 | April 1969 | No.2