Mother is very aptly named as Anasuya. Apart from Mother’s divinity, we find in her the pinnacle of maternal affection. While the other mothers in this world confine their love to their own children, Mother shares her love with all mankind and in fact, all beings. Mother is rightly described as “ABRAHMA KEETA JANANI”, the Mother of every one from the smallest insect to the highest being in existence. Mother’s house, naturally became the “House OF All”. When everyone is a child, how can Mother admit a few in and throw out the rest? How can narrow feelings of selfishness confine Mother’s love and hospitality? The House of All was the lodging for all visitors to Jillellamudi. A number of people are regular residents of the House. What did Mother say about the “House of all?” ‘This is not an Ashram. Just a home with no special code of conduct. It is home where different types of children have gathered, some self-willed, some children are unmanageable. But I look upon all as He and everything as His doing, so I don’t find it difficult to put up with. I don’t feel that any one is at fault; all are the same and as they are my children they are all equal”. For someone who is not so equal-minded things might be difficult perhaps even more than outside. In the recent past, the House of All has acquired a new dimension of improved discipline. We find larger groups at Sandhya Vandanam and Suprabhatham, less of idle gossip and more of constructive work. The time is now slightly better spent, with the residents taking on a few do’s and dont’s. What is the change? Has the House of All become an Ashram. The House remains as free as it was. It is not correct to assume that Mother’s attitude has changed and so the freedom of the inmates became restricted, or that the House is becoming an Ashram, to loss its uniqueness and lovable cosiness of a Home. The undiluted love of Mother of All is all pervading and indestructible. Some of the residents of the House of All have not very truly understood the statements of Mother. While Mother has no doubt categorically maintained that authorship of all actions rests with the primordeal energy and advised everyone to remain happy and contented, we have not been able to overcome our sense of ego and we are unable to cultivate that complete detachment to our actions. So much so, some of our brethren have understood Mother’s philosophy to mean that we can smoke, loiter and generally remain lazy and this gross miscomprehension of lofty ideas has led to a peculiar situation. It has therefore become necessary to inculcate amongst the inmates a better sense of regularity and the restrictions we now find in the House of All, where smoking and gossiping are not encouraged and the trend and accent of actions is on positive work, are meant only to assist the errant inmates. The whole exercise is guided by a positive sense of purpose and is purely corrective. The House of all is still our own sweet home. We still find the stray, lonely patient walking in and seeking shelter, staying on for a few months, and enjoying the hospitality of Sri Viswa Jananee Parishat attended by the Medical Centre, and above all, receiving the Darshan of Mother, and her abounding love. We still find the casual visitors, walking up the stairs and asking Vasundharakkayya for a cup of coffee and a nice breakfast. We still find the Children of Mother, the gay carefree groups attending to their routine work. The House of All has not lost its uniqueness and importance, nor will it lose. It is now a more disciplined house, that is all.

Dharmasuri Varanasi
Matrusri Monthly Journal (English) | Vol.16 | November 1981 | No.8