Memory unfolds.  Distant echo gives a closer knock. Yet another poignant moment of AMMA’s 1974 Hyderabad visit, stirs the core.


Truly, a timeless, touching human experience.  Venus is the Musheerabad Central Jail. Quite unusually, along with slums, old age homes and such other abodes of human plight, AMMA willed gracing the jail and its inmates.


AMMA’S will actualised on an evening in April 1974. The stage set for MOTHERLY expression of love personified that sees no barriers, nor discerns the good and bad among all: none excluded, the lowly or ugly, the wicked or cruel. Love that looks for no reason in the subjects.


Only a few were allowed into the premises along with AMMA for obvious reasons of security. I brother U.M.Rao, Chary Annaiah and a few other entered along with AMMA and HER very close entourage it was the evening. Sun was about to set for the day.


Full security was provided. All the inmates assembled in open space of the Jail. All of them seated in the open ground. AMMA and all of us stood before them at a few feet.  Jail wardens and other staff also stood closely nearby.


Silence only prevailed for some time. None spoke. Everyone was closely looking at AMMA. Earnestly and intently. Savouring HER unique inexplicable GRACE. That beckoned them that priceless, treasured day for no known reason. AMMA looked at them singularly not saying anything verbally.


Quietness changed into a strange stillness. Nothing moved. Silence too conveyed a strange meaning. For every one, the inner chord was struck. Empathy found expression unknowingly.


All of us started shedding tears unawares for no reason apparently. Total strangers feeling for the prisoners totally not known till that very moment. Crying too had a message.


Seeing this, the inmates of the jail too started weeping.  AMMA only benignly GRACING the scenario. HER presence working up this human expression of empathy for those imprisoned. Everyone was in copious tears.


Soon one after the other, quite a few of them started the opening up recounting one’s own tale. Some even conveyed that they were put in prison, for their uncommitted the crimes. Some said they were implicated. Some grieved that they were worried about their family, wife, children, kith and kin. All their agony vented in tears. All their pent up anguish let out.


AMMA started moving towards them. Everyone was dismayed. SHE moved into midst of the prisoners, seated in the open space.  Walked amidst the rows of them seated, as if walking among HER own children. All of them received HER boundless GRACE. Little by little, every one calmed down. Their sorrows abated. Fears allayed. Concerns cared for aby the MOTHER all knowing, ever loving, all mighty, all encompassing.


AMMA’s DARSAN gave solace beyond measure. Redressed their woes. And comforted them for the rest of mundane existence. Blessed are they. Blessed are we to have lived this moment. Moment priceless. Moment treasured for life.

Dinakar Marakani