Mother remarked before taking Mahasamadhi that after her physical form was no longer with us she would be even more available to her children than before. All of us in our own way have felt Mother’s continuing presence. For some it comes in dreams,intuitive guidance at critical junctures, gracious interventions in our lives, boons granted, illnesses cured, or more simply the ongoing experience of being embraced in our Mother’s sweet and causeless love.


What We have received from Amma is not like the gifts which the world gives, the material objects and benefits which get gradually depleted and corrupted by the passage of time. Motherly gift of her own Spirit is everlasting. lt is like a precious heirloom which appreciates in value Over time. It grows within us like a seed. This is because what Mother has given us is a living thing, it is Life Itself. And Life never remains static. lt can only develop, it can only expand over time, become more whole, and more integrated, more all-embracing. This is what is happening in all of our hearts- the seed which Mother has planted is coming into its own. The tree is growing, the branches are spreading, and the roots are penetrating ever deeper into the soil of us.


This is the mystery of Mother’s Love. It is the gift that keeps on giving. lt can never be exhausted,because it is alive within us. And being alive, we can never say for certain how it is going to manifest, where it is going to take us. If Mother had given us a diamond ring, for example, or a bar of gold, then we would know exactly what the gift was, and how much it was worth, and where we could go to redeem it. The value of the gift would remain the same today as it was yesterday, and it would be the same tomorrow as it is today. lt would be a fixed and limited sum. But the thing about Mothers gift of Life is that it is no longer the same gift as it was when we received it. The gift has transformed within us, it is even now transforming, revealing new facets, disclosing previously hidden treasures. It is not a fixed sum, but a living organism. And as with all other living organisms,there can be no predicting where this one will head next!


Mother has planted the seed of herself within all who have come into contact with her. But this seed is not the same thing as a memory. Mother is not merely a series of good memories, of sweet memories that we can return to in times of stress or trouble. Mother is not someone we once knew, but now has moved on irrevocably, has passed away into the infinitude of Her own Selfhood. Mother is not a Goddess who we can worship, an idol of stone that we can burn incense to and do pooja before. She is the seed which became a sapling, the sapling which became a tree. Even now that tree is growing and which will never stop growing, because its nature is to spread out, its nature is to invade new territory- until it holds everything, contains everything, pervades every nook and cranny of our-selves. The love which MOTHER knows only one thing. It knows only how to advance. l..knows only how to press against all previous boundaries. Until the boundaries are shattered,until all dividing lines dissolve, the inner becomes the outer, the outer becomes the inner...root, trunk, branch merge and become one vast net of affection, lndra's net.,the limitless net of Life Itself. Life holding and embracing all that is in its Supreme Motherly Heart.


Jaya Ho Mata!

Richard Schiffman
Mother of All (Book - International Edition)