O Mother! Adoration to Thy lotus feet with my entire being--the body, vital forces, intellect, senses, and mind--, to Thy lotus feet which are meditated upon constantly by those who yearn for liberation from the bonds of karma (past actions). By virtue of Thy mysterious power Maya, constituted of the three Gunas, Thou createst, sustainest, and destroyest the universe. But by these actions Thy nature as the Supreme Bliss-Consciousness is not in the least affected.

May Thy holy feet, a glimpse of which devoted sages choose to adore, eradicate all the evil traits of my mind. Thy feet are contemplated in their hearts by knowing ones endowed with renunciation for gaining the direct experience of Thyself. May I therefore be blessed with devotion to Thy lotus feet even more. For to one stricken with the fever of transmigratory existence, nothing is as effective as Bhakti.